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Caption Contest(!)

Welcome to December’s Caption Contest(!). This month’s photo was sent in by Candy from the Swan 44 Infidel. (Thanks for sharing, Candy!)

And while it’s not her original photo, it does make a good item for this month’s CC(!).

Caption contest Dec. 2023
“That sinking feeling.” What’s your caption?
© 2023 Candy - via Facebook

Leave your response in the comments below.

You’ll find last month’s winners and top ten in Latitude 38‘s December issue.


  1. chris white 3 months ago

    “You brought the bucket didn’t you ?”

  2. Frank Jesse 3 months ago

    “Great sail set with minimal heel”

  3. Bret Boutet 3 months ago

    “Don’t worry … self-bailing cockpit!”

  4. Beau Vrolyk 3 months ago

    Taking the concept of “Water Ballast” too far.

  5. Tony Spooner 3 months ago

    One league under the sea?

  6. Bob Martin 3 months ago

    The sail powered submarine never caught on

  7. Vance Sprock 3 months ago

    The new “S” Class Submarine, extremely fuel efficient

  8. Jeff Cook 3 months ago

    Let’s bring her up to periscope depth.

  9. Dick Sullivan 3 months ago

    They told me that if I opened the pug in the back of the transom and I went fast enough, the boat would empty itself.

  10. William Crowley 3 months ago

    “Captain, our radar seems to be working fine while we’re sailing in Stealth Mode.”

  11. Brad Kerstetter 3 months ago

    Just another short sighted attempt at an eco friendly stealth submarine run by “sailors” unfamiliar with sailing. Bring the jib sheet over seaman!

  12. Sumtingwong 3 months ago

    Head up a bit, you’re luffing.

  13. Peter Detwiler 3 months ago

    AAAh, actually, the seacock goes in the other direction, OK?

  14. Scott Henry 3 months ago

    I think we’ve let the jib blow through far enough, take in the other sheet!
    By the way, why are my feet wet?

  15. James Cate 3 months ago

    At last , a yacht design where maximum speed is not limited by the hulls water line length.

  16. Ron Harben 3 months ago

    We’ll this is a fine kettle of fish you’ve gotten us into this time, Ollie!

  17. Shiree 3 months ago

    It’s “Captain” jack sparrow

  18. Dennis Barry 3 months ago

    Must be those new members of the “Red Neck Yacht Club”, Tish and Wayne, showing off their new fancy pantsy sailboat with a built in swimming pool again!

  19. Rich Morse 3 months ago

    When I yelled “REEF!”, I wasn’t talking about the sails….

  20. Kat 3 months ago

    How do you like my new race maneuver? Halfway to stealth mode. Shhhhhhhh.

  21. John 3 months ago

    Void Ho!

  22. Becky J Elmore 3 months ago

    Honey I can’t find the toilet plunger!

  23. Steve Bondelid 3 months ago

    Coming in under the radar

  24. Dale E Land 3 months ago

    Low Rider

  25. Lonnie Spencer 3 months ago

    “ Dive! Dive! Dive!”

  26. David R 3 months ago

    Insurance company response: definite correlation between back-winded jib and submersion, however causality is still up for debate…

  27. Eben Kermit 2 months ago

    Watch me ‘roll tack’ this 35 footer… just like I did on my Lazer. Oh oh!

  28. Dave Peterson 2 months ago

    Who said: “It’s a bright sunny day so leave the foul weather gear behind, no way we’re going to get wet.”

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