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Caption Contest(!)

Here’s your December Caption Contest(!).

Your caption here.
© 2018 Unknown

This is another image that has floated around the Internet, making it difficult to credit. If you know the source, please let us know!

You can enter your entry below, or email us here. Good luck!


  1. Jeff Deuel 4 years ago

    1. I tried to approach my wife about buying a boat, but she wanted to table the conversation for now…
    2. I talked to a woodworker about the rough tabletop. He suggested I plane it smooth.

  2. Pat Broderick 4 years ago

    First there was Uber, then there was Lyft, now there’s Tabla

  3. Phileta Riley 4 years ago

    A watery study of legs, straight and bent.

  4. Rosann Allenbaugh 4 years ago

    Dinner for 8 at your service sans the white gloves

  5. Phil Kinnison 4 years ago

    LEG UP

  6. Marc Cohen 4 years ago

    I’m just going to table that boat project for now.

  7. Tom V 4 years ago

    “I wonder if I followed those IKEA instructions properly…something doesn’t seem quite right!”

  8. Lisa Miller 4 years ago

    “Let’s table the idea for now and move on”

  9. Eric Reid 4 years ago

    Who’d a thought they’d sanction tables?

  10. Jorge Morales 4 years ago

    Given enough power, even a brick can fly… or a table 🙂

  11. Max 4 years ago

    Whatever floats your boat…personally I prefer sailing.
    Topsy turvy way to navigate the bay, eh?
    You said to wash up after dinner!

  12. Bill Nork 4 years ago

    Dinghy For Sale: 11ft. Hard bottom, planes easily, beautiful hardwood trim. Removeable four corner Bimini.

  13. Dan 4 years ago

    “I think Billy”s gone mad, he said he has an outboard, just needs our dining room table and he’s going to America”

  14. Boonie 4 years ago

    If it floats it is a boat.

  15. Rob 4 years ago

    Jim was informed that company policy required him to be at his desk during business hours.

  16. David B Schurr 4 years ago

    Best (do it yourself) Cockpit table design

  17. MARK WELCH 4 years ago

    The tables have turned on the theory that a high prismatic coefficient is slow.

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