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Caption Contest(!)

Welcome to our last Caption Contest(!) for 2022! Although you’ll have to wait until the new year to see the winning captions.

Thanks to Martha Blanchfield for sending us this photo taken by Mays Dickey at the J/24 North Americans in Annapolis last October.

Caption Contest Dec. 2022
Your caption here.
© 2022 Mays Dickey

You can find November’s winning and next top-10 comments in December’s Loose Lips.


  1. Jere Visalli 1 year ago

    Bubba’s in the Bow

  2. David R 1 year ago

    You were right dear, the outboard didn’t have any gas in it after all!

  3. Bob Adams 1 year ago

    Well Ollie, you certainly stuck the landing this time!

  4. Bill Huber 1 year ago

    Lower the hoist. Let’s try this again. I don’t think we should be lifting it by the traveller.

  5. David Shannon 1 year ago

    “I’m creating a work of art called, ‘Whale Breaching’. It’s in its early stages.”

    “Sir, I going to need you to blow into this breathalyzer.”

  6. paul schupbach 1 year ago

    Your left !
    No, your left !

  7. Craig Perez 1 year ago

    Remember, we went over this! The rabbit comes out of the hole, jumps around the tree…

  8. Art Ewart 1 year ago

    This thing’s not all that heavy.

  9. Mark Caplin 1 year ago

    The new wind powered submarine is not performing up to expectations

  10. Stephen Crane 1 year ago

    All the full beers shifted to the bow.

  11. Andy Graham 1 year ago

    SEE !!??? I TOLD YOU IT WAS A “BOY”!!

  12. Marco Vailetti 1 year ago

    Dive, Dive…. this is now a submarine.

  13. Wolfman 1 year ago

    I said bowline damn it!! Not bow line….

  14. Robert Ward 1 year ago

    Who forgot to raise the anchor?

  15. Roger W Briggs 1 year ago

    Don’t pull on her nose. She’ll straighten out when she’s finished getting a drink.

  16. Peter Bellak 1 year ago

    Good enough. Tie’er up and let’s get a beer.

  17. Jeffrey R Berman 1 year ago

    Global warming tipping point scale

  18. Bustedgristle 1 year ago

    I thought you said this was a symmetrical boat

  19. David Cohan 1 year ago

    “Let me just dip my nose in to see how cold the water is!”

  20. Colin McBride 1 year ago

    Not what the racing coach meant by “keep the bow down.”

  21. Lido Sailor 1 year ago

    I told you bow down wouldn’t be fast.

  22. Kelvin D. Meeks 1 year ago

    “Uh. Bill., Say…could you come back over here to the stern for a minute? We really need ya buddy.”

  23. Greg 1 year ago

    Move that fender forward a tad please

  24. Jon Hafstrom 1 year ago

    I guess we did come in a little too hot!

  25. Tim McCormick 1 year ago

    I told you the bowman was gaining weight!

  26. Jim Deverel 1 year ago

    Ok next time we all lift at the same time…

  27. Scott Henry 1 year ago

    I’m not going into that water until I test it first!

  28. Tilo Stahl 1 year ago

    No, the drain hole is at the back!

  29. Cap Keith 1 year ago

    “Good, keep the pointy end down”

  30. Sailorette 1 year ago

    Why haul ‘er out when we can work on her here?

  31. Steve Berl 1 year ago

    Maybe we should move the anchor back closer to the mast?

  32. Joey 1 year ago

    Read the instruction manual? Oh, no! Not you! You don’t need no stinking instruction manual!!!!!

  33. Pat McIntosh 1 year ago

    If we make it fit we’ll save money on this slip.

  34. Rob Falconer 1 year ago

    After millions spent raising it from the ocean depths, the salvage experts found it wasn’t the Titanic after all.

  35. Ken Brinkley 1 year ago

    Nothing to see hear ,just scrubbing the bottom !

  36. Keith Kreycik 1 year ago

    Insert Tab A into Slot B

  37. Paul Brogger 1 year ago

    There! See? You scammers didn’t paint beneath the boat stands!

  38. Bill Willcox 1 year ago

    Ernst is reconsidering the marketing plan for his dipping birds scale-up project.

  39. Chris Silcox 1 year ago

    Huh, I knew that strap was for something.

  40. Vince Casalaina 1 year ago

    When I said I wanted us to sail bow down, I didn’t mean BOW DOWN!

  41. Brian Boschma 1 year ago

    You should have ordered the scow bow.

  42. Dave Peterson 1 year ago

    Not the usual side tie, nor the end tie, introducing the new bow tie; perfect for use at the marina that charges by the waterline foot.

  43. Eben Kermit 1 year ago

    Up a bit more… a bit more… a bit more… Aw shucks too much!!!

  44. David N Henry 1 year ago

    It’s not quite lined up with the torpedo loading hatch.

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