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Caption Contest(!)

Whew! This month has come in with a Bang! We’ve been so busy since April 1 we almost forgot to share this month’s Caption Contest(!). Lucky for us all a little reminder fairy tapped us on the shoulder.

So here it is, your new challenge:

Caption Contest - April '22
Your caption here.
© 2022 @denizkilic1355

You can find last month’s Caption Contest(!) winner and next top 10 in the April issue of Latitude 38.



  1. Jere Visalli 2 years ago

    For sale; RONCO Reef guard. Don’t let those underwater obstacles ruin your boat’s new paint job. Guaranteed to prevent dings. (Guarantee good for 1 hour in the water or 1 day out of the water, whichever comes first.

  2. John Carapiet 2 years ago

    On his way to the South Pacfic, Smarty thought a well placed fender would be a perfect cushion for a smooth landing on any coral reef !

  3. Pat Broderick 2 years ago

    Whale Bumper, Beta Version

  4. William Andrew 2 years ago

    A new twist on the 5 mph bumper.

  5. George G Hughes 2 years ago

    What About Bob 2

  6. Mark Caplin 2 years ago

    “No, they said it was ‘insurance” for the re-launching…”

  7. Phileta Riley 2 years ago

    Nose job!

  8. Maxwell Graham 2 years ago

    Finally, the cheap solution for lack of a depth sounder and charts!

  9. Kent Carter 2 years ago

    “I said put the cover on the wheel, not the fender on the keel!”

  10. Mark Bettis 2 years ago

    “Hey Joe, that’s a dumb idea. Duct tape will never hold that on underway. You need to use galvanized lag bolts!”

  11. Brian Richards 2 years ago

    It took me hours to fair this keel. I’m not taking any chances.

  12. Paul Durbin 2 years ago

    “We be under a fathom, Capt’n! Need we strap on the fender?”

  13. David Cohan 2 years ago

    It’s amazing what’s required to get cruising insurance renewed these days!

  14. PJ 2 years ago

    It’s a bender fender

  15. Bill Huber 2 years ago

    I haven’t hit my head on it since I taped that on there!

    • Sailorette 2 years ago

      That’s a good one.

  16. Cecile Schwedes 2 years ago

    4Seas is launching new Forward Looking Fenders for fearless South Seas forays! Enjoy the Tuamotus with eco-friendly coral head protection!

  17. Rob Falconer 2 years ago

    You put baby’s bottle where, Gulliver!

  18. David Hume 2 years ago

    She’s a bit heavy in the nose, this will fix it.

  19. Robert Ward 2 years ago

    Fagawdsake, Mom, stop nagging! I can fend for myself!

  20. Fred Farfinkel 2 years ago

    Damm those remoras!

  21. Bob Johnston 2 years ago

    Boatyard that caters to powerboats: “We don’t know what this thing is but we’re taking no chances.”

  22. Charlie Norman 2 years ago

    Ye, the boats balance was off but its all fixed now

  23. Chris Conklin 2 years ago

    When you can’t afford a depth sounder.

  24. David Henry 2 years ago

    Do you really need that floaty to keep you bow up?

  25. Bill Willcox 2 years ago

    Dave’s solution for the navigationally challenged is sure to be Silicon Valley’s next unicorn.

  26. Dave Peterson 2 years ago

    Boatyard bottom painter said he always includes a little cushion in his estimates.

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