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Caption Contest(!)

It’s Caption Contest(!) time! This month we have an interesting, and somewhat scary, photo for you to dwell on.

November Caption Contest (!)
Your caption here.
© 2020 Daisy Lombardi/Facebook

Your caption here. Thanks to Daisy Lombardi for posting the photo on Facebook.

Don’t forget to check out our November issue for last month’s Caption Contest(!) winner and Top Ten.


  1. Avatar
    John C Dukat 3 months ago

    “What we have here is a failure to deweedicate”

  2. Avatar
    Frank Jesse 3 months ago

    Beards are now stylish!

  3. Avatar
    Phileta Riley 3 months ago

    Ho, ho, ho!!!

  4. Avatar
    Mike 3 months ago

    Movable Ballist.

  5. Avatar
    Chris Boome 3 months ago

    FOR SALE: Little used boat, very low engine hours and qualifies for Federal Farm Tax Deduction

  6. Avatar
    Terry Jackson 3 months ago

    Have some with your Sushi

  7. Avatar
    dennis 3 months ago


  8. Avatar
    Rosann Allenbaugh 3 months ago

    I woke up this morning with the sundown shining in
    I found my mind in a brown paper bag within
    I tripped on a cloud and fell-a eight miles high
    I tore my mind on a jagged sky
    I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in
    Yeah, yeah, oh-yeah, what condition my condition was in

  9. Avatar
    Bruce Munro 3 months ago

    The penultimate of procrastination .

  10. Avatar
    Andrea 3 months ago

    “Shelter-In-Place, I let my beard grow”

  11. Avatar
    Ros 3 months ago

    It’s like when you hop on a Zoom call, and it’s clear your mate hasn’t cut his hair since the start of the pandemic…

  12. Avatar
    Kent Carter 3 months ago

    That kelp bed has some really bad sailboat growth on it.

  13. Avatar
    Brian Richards 3 months ago

    Do you see my bottom diver in there anywhere?

  14. Avatar
    Brian Richards 3 months ago

    You need a fishing license to haul that boat.

  15. Avatar
    Stephen Crane 3 months ago

    We just love what saltwater does to our boats.

  16. Avatar
    Mark McNearney 3 months ago

    Well, it is Movember!

  17. Avatar
    Rich Brazil 3 months ago

    Hey! The new beard looks great!

  18. Avatar
    Scott Henry 3 months ago

    That is some farm-fresh sea-steading!

  19. Avatar
    Robert Sherry 3 months ago

    Rare photo of a sailboat tree in full bloom

  20. Avatar
    Kelvin D. Meeks 3 months ago

    Two words: Boat Beard

  21. Avatar
    Scott Henry 3 months ago

    Further proof that you can take the boat out of the sea, but you can’t take the sea out of (off of?) the boat.

  22. Avatar
    Vince Casalaina 3 months ago

    sushi anyone?

  23. Avatar
    Ron Harben 3 months ago

    “I’m sorry,” said the Yardmaster, “The EPA says you need an Environmental Impact Report before we can do a bottom job on your boat.”

  24. Avatar
    Victor 3 months ago

    Who needs an anchor?

  25. Avatar
    Don Cavers 3 months ago

    “Cockles and mussels alive alive oh”

  26. Avatar
    Ingrid 3 months ago

    Dinner is served … al fresco.

  27. Avatar
    William Huber 3 months ago

    For Sale: 27′ Plastic Classic.Functional sail cover, (greyish) white sails. Slightly bent pulpit, some dings, and deferred maintenance. A real diamond-in-the-rough! Recent Haul out!
    Name your price!

  28. Avatar
    Ken Brinkley 3 months ago

    Maybe now I can get a better handicap and racing

  29. Avatar
    Riley Muse 3 months ago

    Pandemic beard

  30. Avatar
    Tom W 3 months ago


  31. Avatar
    TomW 3 months ago

    Obviously it’s a French boat.

  32. Avatar
    Bob Mirabal 3 months ago

    Aqua farming is alive and well

  33. Avatar
    milly Biller 3 months ago

    What’s for dinner ?

  34. Avatar
    August van Driel 3 months ago

    Not a bad bad beard for a boat!

  35. Avatar
    Dan Brenny 3 months ago

    Honey, I think the interior wall paint for our daughters bedroom did not work well on the bottom of our boat.

  36. Avatar
    Dave Peterson 3 months ago

    Heard of Muscle Beach, now we have Muscle Boat.

    • Avatar
      Dave Peterson 3 months ago

      Heard of Muscle Beach, now there’s a Mussel Boat.

  37. Avatar
    Bob Martin 3 months ago

    Look ma! It’s a bearded lady!

  38. Avatar
    Jeff Phillips 3 months ago


  39. Avatar
    Brian Forster 3 months ago

    It was right about then when the yard found out the true capacity of its lifting straps.

  40. Avatar
    Bill T. 3 months ago

    Race much?

  41. Avatar
    Richard 3 months ago

    Ohh! You smashed my garden!

  42. Avatar
    Gil de Bernabe 3 months ago

    Going viral…

  43. Avatar
    Michael 3 months ago

    Replacing zincs is a tedious chore Max Ebb grumbled as Lee Helm rode by on her Briggs and Stratton.

  44. Avatar
    Mark Blum 3 months ago

    A bearded face
    is nice
    to touch
    but on a boat
    it’s way too much

  45. Avatar
    Bill Schaumburg 3 months ago

    That shouldn’t slow us down much.

  46. Avatar
    Augie Phillips 3 months ago

    Sustainability harvested, locally sourced

  47. Avatar
    Jim Dinger 2 months ago

    When this Covid19 thing is over, I’m going to have my beard trimmed

  48. Avatar
    Pat McCormick 2 months ago

    I should have been suspicious when the bottom cleaner asked me how long my arm was!

  49. Avatar
    William Huber 2 months ago

    Living proof that antifouling paint has its limits!

  50. Avatar
    Bill Willcox 2 months ago

    Am I still on time for the ZZ Top audition?

  51. Avatar
    David Wilson 2 months ago

    Understatement: Not all growth is good.

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