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Caption Contest(!) — The First for 2023!

Welcome to 2023’s first Caption Contest(!). We hope this brings some sunshine to our region’s wet, cloudy days.

This felt like an appropriate photo for the current weather state. The frog face is to protect the innocent.

caption contest Jan 2023
Your caption here.
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You can find December’s Caption Contest(!) winners and next top ten in January’s Latitude 38.


  1. David Henry 9 months ago

    Paying homage to Carl Spackler,
    I’d keep sailing. I don’t think the heavy stuff’s going to come down for quite a while!

  2. Peter Bellak 9 months ago

    Good job, Don, but the water goes on the outside of the boat

  3. Ants Uiga 9 months ago

    I think the skipper is standing on the bottom and pushing with his feet.

  4. Glen Pullen 9 months ago

    I wanted to go swimming anyway!

  5. Bill Crowley 9 months ago

    If I could only find a way to heat the water in my sailing bathtub…..

  6. Shana Bagley 9 months ago

    They are Clearly training to race a Farr 36 in the Pacific Cup!

  7. CARLOS YANEZ 9 months ago

    Needs a little more water ballast to go faster.

  8. steven woodside 9 months ago

    Here is a caption: “Got Geico insurance?”

  9. Michael McNamer 9 months ago

    So that’s what that thing was for.

  10. David Hume 9 months ago

    Ribbit, Geico covers boats too!

  11. Ken Brinkley 9 months ago

    So who forgot the drain plug?

  12. Jeff Chambers 9 months ago

    But, I’m not Totally wet!

  13. George Shea, SV Sunset Pacific Seacraft 25 9 months ago

    Save Time go sailing and get your ice cold bath together

  14. Beau Vrolyk 9 months ago

    PROTEST! Violation of the El Toro class rules. Water ballast is not allowed.

  15. Jim Curtis 9 months ago

    Finally I got the hot tub I always wanted!
    Soaking and sailing all at once.

  16. Bruce Munro 9 months ago

    Mom told me to take a bath.

  17. RT 9 months ago

    A hundred yards out of San Francisco, Kermit’s hopes to reach Hawaii within the week began to dim.

  18. Dennis Barry 9 months ago

    “Hey Mom”, ” I set a new record for wetting my pants!”

  19. Beni 9 months ago

    Somebody told me red boats go faster.

  20. Scott Henry 9 months ago

    Ah, yes, a little water ballast to smooth things out!

  21. Scott Henry 9 months ago

    Why do I need a bottom if I have flotation tanks?

  22. John Arndt 9 months ago

    From Mike Mahoney: “Who says only mega-yachts have hot a hot tub?!!”

  23. Katie 9 months ago

    Whaaaat? So there’s a little water. I’m still sailing.

  24. Tim Litvin 9 months ago

    What?…could be a lot worse. Give it a minute.

  25. Bill Huber 9 months ago

    DAD! I passed capsizing! I can sail in the red fleet with water ballast!

  26. Randy Grenier 9 months ago

    We seem to have slowed down.

  27. Rob Falconer 9 months ago

    Come back, Dad. I’m sure it’s the captain who goes down with his ship.

  28. Eben L Kermit 9 months ago

    I started out as a tadpole and discovered it’s not easy being green aboard a “bullship”! Kermit-the-Frog

  29. Bill Willcox 9 months ago

    George’s SUB prime rate boat loan has him worried his equity is underwater.

  30. Ken Wilkinson 9 months ago

    Sorry dad I couldn`t wait for the toilet.

  31. Tom Walchli 9 months ago

    New class rules for Opti’s allow water ballast!

  32. David Shannon 9 months ago

    “Yes, I’m aware blue doesn’t go with green, but that’s still no reason to insult me and call me ‘Frog Face’.”

  33. Andy Kurtz 9 months ago

    Young Jack Sparrow

  34. Ron Harben 9 months ago

    An early FlexTape commercial that never aired.

  35. Shiree 9 months ago

    It’s CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow

  36. Mark Caplin 9 months ago

    Sailing in the Primordial OOZE…

  37. Dave Peterson 8 months ago

    Looking like the race of over for this skipper; it’s time to throw in the towel, a sponge, and maybe a bar of soap for good measure.

  38. Susie Barry 8 months ago

    “Stop freakin, call Beacon!” (It’s a PNW thing, you may not understand)

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