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    PJ 12 months ago

    Sail submarine

    • Avatar
      Pat Broderick 12 months ago

      Who needs to foil when they can submarine?

  2. Avatar
    Paul D 12 months ago

    Darn Sinkholes!

  3. Avatar
    Kelvin D. Meeks 12 months ago

    “Rig for Silent Running!”

  4. Avatar
    Robert Sayles 12 months ago

    He’s going faster than hull speed.

  5. Avatar
    Andy 12 months ago

    Just a little bit more freeboard would be nice…

  6. Avatar
    Mike Zint 12 months ago

    Once again, Jason’s wife pointed out that he had failed to read the instructions and installed the new bilge pump backwards.

  7. Avatar
    Gary Green 12 months ago

    Lowriders…. drive a little slower…

  8. Avatar
    J. 12 months ago

    I bought enough beer to last the whole trip.

  9. Avatar
    Bill Huber 12 months ago

    A rising tide lifts (almost) all boats.

  10. Avatar
    Peter Adams 12 months ago

    Never get into a life raft unless you have to step up!

  11. Avatar
    Gus van Driel 12 months ago

    How low can you go!

  12. Avatar
    John Cloonan 12 months ago

    Well, that’s just swell!

  13. Avatar
    Tom W 12 months ago

    For sale- Lowfreeboard 30. 150 Genoa, lazy jacks, serviceable anemic 4. Can be a bit wet. Best offer, or trade for Downeast 32.

  14. Avatar
    Richard Briles 12 months ago

    Dive! Dive! Level off at periscope depth!

  15. Avatar
    Adrian Stanway 12 months ago

    Wilbur had been sceptical about climate change. Now he had experienced rising sea levels for himself he was finally convinced.

  16. Avatar
    Paul Brogger 12 months ago

    Hey: Sail trim is fine — take a look down here!

  17. Avatar
    Scott Henry 12 months ago

    Testing the new sail-powered submarine — so far, so good…

  18. Avatar
    Jim Nisbet 12 months ago

    “Hey, look! There’s _Sea Level_!”

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