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    PJ 2 years ago

    Sail submarine

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      Pat Broderick 2 years ago

      Who needs to foil when they can submarine?

  2. Avatar
    Paul D 2 years ago

    Darn Sinkholes!

  3. Avatar
    Kelvin D. Meeks 2 years ago

    “Rig for Silent Running!”

  4. Avatar
    Robert Sayles 2 years ago

    He’s going faster than hull speed.

  5. Avatar
    Andy 2 years ago

    Just a little bit more freeboard would be nice…

  6. Avatar
    Mike Zint 2 years ago

    Once again, Jason’s wife pointed out that he had failed to read the instructions and installed the new bilge pump backwards.

  7. Avatar
    Gary Green 2 years ago

    Lowriders…. drive a little slower…

  8. Avatar
    J. 2 years ago

    I bought enough beer to last the whole trip.

  9. Avatar
    Bill Huber 2 years ago

    A rising tide lifts (almost) all boats.

  10. Avatar
    Peter Adams 2 years ago

    Never get into a life raft unless you have to step up!

  11. Avatar
    Gus van Driel 2 years ago

    How low can you go!

  12. Avatar
    John Cloonan 2 years ago

    Well, that’s just swell!

  13. Avatar
    Tom W 2 years ago

    For sale- Lowfreeboard 30. 150 Genoa, lazy jacks, serviceable anemic 4. Can be a bit wet. Best offer, or trade for Downeast 32.

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    Richard Briles 2 years ago

    Dive! Dive! Level off at periscope depth!

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    Adrian Stanway 2 years ago

    Wilbur had been sceptical about climate change. Now he had experienced rising sea levels for himself he was finally convinced.

  16. Avatar
    Paul Brogger 2 years ago

    Hey: Sail trim is fine — take a look down here!

  17. Avatar
    Scott Henry 2 years ago

    Testing the new sail-powered submarine — so far, so good…

  18. Avatar
    Jim Nisbet 2 years ago

    “Hey, look! There’s _Sea Level_!”

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