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Can We See Some ID, Please?

Latitude Nation — Can you ID this boat?

Any guesses . . . ?

Help Roger Krakow identify his Mystery 20. There have been many guesses but no matches. It measures 20-ft on deck and has a swing keel and an Odyssey sail.

Please either write us below, or email us here. And please be sure to include your Boat Name, Make and Port of Call.


  1. Christian Roland Enno Buss 5 years ago

    I think it’s a Cal 20

  2. Steve Andersen 5 years ago

    She’s at Balboa 20. I find vessel

    • Roger 5 years ago

      Yes! Thanks.

  3. Paul Brogger 5 years ago

    Definitely a Balboa 20. (Lyle Hess design.)

    I used to have hull # 247, now owned by my son and named “Sailing With Ambiguity”. Hull # 16 is hung off a buoy locally in Eld Inlet, Puget Sound (but unfortunately doesn’t appear to get used much).

    • Paul Brogger 5 years ago

      A later flush-deck version (same hull) is named “Ensenada 20”.

      A fine, curvy little boat. I’ll probably finish my sailing days with one of these.

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