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Boats and Crews Dress Up for Opening Day on the Bay

Sunday was the 106th annual Opening Day on the Bay, and from Raccoon Strait to the San Francisco Cityfront, boats of all types and sizes took to the water to join the festivities. As it happened, most of our crew were out of town (yes, on that “one” day of the year). But we have friends in all the right places and therefore have a great bunch of photos to share with you.

The theme for this year’s parade was Rockin’ the Bay.
© 2024 Mia Bernt
The fireboats were out strutting their stuff.
© 2024 Mia Bernt
Who’s the sailor in the dinghy?
© 2024 Mia Bernt

Marcia Eldridge had a great vantage point from aboard the schooner Freda B.

How many pennants can one boat have? The answer: as many as it has earned.
© 2024 Marcia Eldridge
Call of the Sea’s Matthew Tuner joined the fleet.
© 2024 Marcia Eldridge
Let the blessings begin. Boats cruised past the Corinthian Yacht Club’s Blessing Vessel in Raccoon Strait to pick up good vibes for the coming summer.
© 2024 Corinthian Yacht Club/Facebook
The fun didn’t stop when the boats were docked. Sailors got into full rock ‘n’ roll mode at CYC.
© 2024 Corinthian Yacht Club/Facebook

Did you sail for Opening Day on the Bay? Add your photos to our monthly Sailagram gallery.


  1. milly Biller 1 month ago

    Lots of boats and friends out there ! I haven’t done Opening Day in years ! Thanks Cinde Lou Delmas !!!!!!

  2. An amazing day of good laughter music and friends. The bay is officially open!!!!

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