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Beer Cans, Extra Light

The crews of Capri 25 My Tahoe Too! and Cal 28 Osituki enjoy an evening on the Estuary in an Encinal Yacht Club Twilight race last June. The 2018 series will start this Friday.

© Fred Fago

Not included in last week’s April Racing Preview (because it was already too long) was our region’s Beer Can Series. These evening races, aided and abetted by the advent of Daylight Saving Time, start up anywhere from mid-March to late May depending on location and each club’s inclination. For instance, Santa Cruzers start racing on Wednesday nights as soon as they set their clocks forward an hour the second week in March. At the opposite end of the timeline spectrum, Tahoe YC gets going in late May. In between those extremes, most of the Bay Area series kick off in April.

Hiking hard on the Flying Tiger CentoMiglia in the competitive South Beach YC Friday Night Series last June. The 2018 series will start on April 20.

© Joel Krauska

When Daylight Saving Time rolled around on March 11, the vast majority of our Facebook friends who commented about it were dissing it. But many of those very same friends will be out on the water taking advantage of the extra hour of light on a weeknight, shaking off the workday or workweek, spending time with friends, enjoying the scenery and/or getting their competitive juices flowing in anticipation of more serious weekend racing.

Post-race socializing (and a killer view of the Bay Lights) is part of the fun in South Beach.

© Joel Krauska

Find a comprehensive listing of Beer Can Series starting on page 20 of the April Latitude 38, or view it online here. As always, our racing editor welcomes snapshots and tales of your Beer Can racing adventures.

Thanks to Daylight Saving Time, last year’s Wednesday night races out of Richmond YC ran past the autumnal equinox, until September 27. This year’s extremely casual series will begin this Wednesday, April 4.

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