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Be a Ha-Ha Hero

There are only two ways to get an official Baja Ha-Ha tattoo: Participate in the event, or fly down to Cabo with a bunch of Latitudes – thus becoming an instant Ha-Ha hero!

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Is anyone out there flying down to Cabo to rendezvous with the Baja Ha-Ha XIV fleet?

If so, the Rally Committee would like to ask your help. They’re looking for volunteers to bring down a bundle (15 copies) or more of the November Latitude 38. It’s become a long-running Ha-Ha tradition to give each boat the latest edition at the Awards Ceremony. And frankly, if there were no magazines to distribute, well, it could get ugly. A full-blown mutiny could ensue and possibly the sacking of Cabo. (Yeah, okay, that happens on a nightly basis anyway, but you get our point.)

So if you’re flying south on or before Saturday, November 10, please lend a hand – you’ll become a Ha-Ha hero for doing so. A bundle or bundles will be delivered to your home or residence. Or you can come by the Latitude office in Mill Valley and pick them up. (Contact us by email.)  Thanks in advance, from the Committee and the 680 Ha-Ha participants!

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