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Baja Ha-Ha Fleet is Growing

The 2012 Baja Ha-Ha fleet is getting bigger by the day. Wanna join the party?

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Every time May 1 rolls around — the date when registration opens for the annual Baja Ha-Ha rally — we’re reminded of the legendary Oklahoma Land Run that began at noon on April 22, 1889. While the two events may appear to have very little in common, we have to believe the level of pre-noon anticipation among participants was similar.

Having observed that entries for our 750-mile, San Diego-to-Cabo San Lucas rally start pouring in within minutes of the noon start of registration on May 1, we always picture dozens of sailors nervously sitting at their computer keyboards ready to pounce the second their clocks strike 12. 

This year John Lightfoot and Sherry Franklin of San Diego pounced quickest, earning them the coveted distinction of being 2012 Baja Ha-Ha signup #1. Although they’ve been sailing for 20 years, Exodus is their first boat, bought a year and a half ago with the idea of early retirement and long-term cruising.

Can’t you just see yourself sailing off into the sunset this October?

© Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Among the 44 boats registered thus far, Patric Walton’s San Francisco-based Morgan 28 Valkyrie is the smallest (27 feet is the event’s minimum), while Rigo and Deborah Fuzetto’s San Francisco-based Heavy Metal is the largest at 60 feet.

The Ha-Ha website has been fully updated for this year’s event, so check it out to see the full schedule of events, and the ever-enlarging roster of entries. You’ll find an FAQ under "About the Ha-Ha" and if you’re new to Mexico cruising, be sure to download our free First Timer’s Guide to Mexico, which will bring you up to date on everything from immigration requirements to cruiser’s radio nets.

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As 32 boats were making their way around a challenging in-the-Bay course that took the place of the Singlehanded Sailing Society’s canceled Singlehanded Farallones Race (you’ll find the report on the Stand Down Race in Wednesday’s ‘Lectronic), a handful of sailors made the trek out to the Farallon Islands, possibly in protest of the temporary suspension of ocean races, to honor those who had perished in them, or to just enjoy a day of mild ocean sailing.