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Australia or Bust

Five years ago, young Michael Radziejowski was bitten by the sailing bug in a big way. Now just 15, he’s the bowman on the IOR Warhorse Infinity and has taken up International Canoe racing with a passion. He describes the IC as “a crazy 17-ft long by 3-ft wide sailboat with 114 square feet of sail area. It’s hiked flat by a 6-ft long plank that slides from side to side.” He sails every chance he gets, and has been told he’s good.

Mikey at home on the bow of the Holland 47 Infinity.

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The IC Worlds are coming up at New Year’s in Victoria, Australia, and Radziejowski has been working his butt off getting the boat ready to go – the only problem is funds. So he’s looking for sponsorships. You can read all about his IC campaign on his blog at To inquire about donating to this enthusiastic effort, email Mikey.

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