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Answer to a Bit of Trivia

Last Friday, we asked you if you knew in what TV show the painting Mouth of the Delaware by Thomas Birch made an appearance. We gave you a hint, saying that the painting was hung in the office of one of the main characters.

Thomas Birch’s The Mouth of the Delaware.
© 2019 Wikipedia

“How about . . . Law and Order, in the head D.A.’s office,” wrote Jeremy Haydock. No, sorry. Right network (NBC), but wrong show.

“We just finished binge watching all 150-plus episodes on Netflix. It’s from The West Wing.” said Larry Radcliffe. Correct. But can we be more specific? “[Chief of Staff] Leo McGarry’s office in The West Wing!” wrote Tim Roche. That is absolutely correct. Bill Huber also got the right answer.

English-born artist Thomas Birch was primarily a portrait painter until about 1807, when he took up marine painting.

Birch’s The Wasp and the Frolic, from 1820.
© 2019 Wikipedia

“Birch was the first American ship portraitist, and his paintings were copied by countless artists and craftsmen in America and Europe,” according to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In addition to ships, Birch’s paintings provide valuable images of bridges, lighthouses, docksides, and harbor fortifications in the early Republic, especially those surrounding New York City and Philadelphia, Wikipedia said.

Portrait of Thomas Birch by John Neagle from 1836.
© 2019 Wikipedia

On Friday, we’ll wrap up the story of a Bay Area maestro’s painting that was raffled off last week at the Boat Show . . .

Jim DeWitt poses with his watercolor Kids at Play last week at Craneway Pavilion. Who was the lucky winner of this original work? Stay tuned to find out.
© 2019 John "Woody" Skoriak

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  1. Bill Huber 5 years ago

    Good Afternoon,
    Great publications, both the physical version and ‘Lectronic.
    I read the magazine version piece by piece while in the sauna each morning to make it last.
    The ‘Lectronic version is gobbled up with lunch 3 times a week, and the contests make for interesting diversions.
    One question, when three of us get the correct answer to a contest, do we each win a Latitude 38 T-shirt, or 1/3 t-shirt? Or should we share it throughout the year? What if I wear a large, and the other 2 guys wear XS’s or XXXL’s?
    I’m sure you can see through my transparent whinging…I’m looking for a large 100% cotton in any color. My other 2 look like I went quail hunting in them with Dick Cheney.

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