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America’s Cup Celebration

Maybe you went to the Board of Supervisors meetings, maybe you didn’t, but that doesn’t matter for today’s ‘The Cup is Coming’ celebration, because everyone is invited to the 3 p.m. event in the Rotunda at City Hall. Larry Ellison, Mayor Newsom, Supervisor David Chiu, America’s Cup Organizing Committee Chair Mark Buell, America’s Cup Race Management CEO Iain Murray, plus AC Event Authority Chairman Richard Worth and CEO Craig Thompson will be in attendance. Like those who’ve already responded to our query in Monday’s ‘Lectronic about what the Cup coming to the Bay means for you we have many questions about how this whole thing will look. We’ll try to ask a few at today’s celebration, and we’ll try answer a whole lot more in the next week or so; details are forthcoming.

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When a few more empties were needed to use as building blocks, it was decided that each crew member would have to drain a keg by him- or herself.
In Friday’s special edition of ‘Lectronic, we wrote about the plight of Paul Smulders and Julie Newton, whose 43-ft Laurent Giles-designed woody, Mia II, went ashore about 100 miles north of Turtle Bay on December 29.
Pamela Bendall of the Port Hardy, B.C.-based Kristen 46 Precious Metal had a fabulous cruise to Peru, followed by lots of wonderful inland travel and the making of many great friends.