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A Truly Bodacious Waterslide

"I was chartering in French Polynesia recently when I snapped this photo of Australian media magnate James Packer’s 288-ft luxury yacht Arctic P anchored near Bloody Mary’s in Baie De Povai, Bora-Bora," writes USCG Master and Club Nautique instructor Rod Witel. "She may not be the prettiest boat but her bodacious waterslide was certainly a head turner!"

For those not up on the ‘World’s Richest’ lists, Packer’s father Kerry was an Australian media tycoon who, at the time of his death in ’05, was the richest and one of the most powerful men in the country. In the seven years since, James has distanced himself from his media holdings and focused on building a gambling empire. The gambit appeared to have not paid off when it was reported his wealth had plummeted from over $7 billion (AUD) to $3 billion in the first three years after his father’s death. But according to leading financial news outlets, Packer’s wealth has climbed again to around $5 billion. In addition to Arctic P, an ice-breaker turned into a luxury cruise ship, he also owns the 163-ft Overmarine superyacht Z Ellerston, a private jet and a 12-seat Sikorsky S-76 helicopter.

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Our hearts go out to the owner of Persuasion. There are many more hard, pointy things just below the surface in the Pacific Northwest than there are on San Francisco Bay.