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A Penny For Your Thoughts . . .

Well . . . whaddya think?

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The buzz generated by Monday’s announcements regarding AC 34 from the Golden Gate YC and Club Nautico di Roma is palpable. We want to give ‘Lectronic Latitude readers a chance to weigh in on the radical shift in the Cup’s direction. We’d love it if you’d take the time to write us and touch on the following.

• Do you like the AC 72 Catamarans?
• Do you like the fact they’ll be powered by wingsails?
• Do you like the idea of the "America’s Cup World Series" leading up to the Cup?
• Do you like the youth-team racing proposed in the protocol?
• Do you think Monday’s announcement of the venue, type of boat and protocol will help or hurt the chances of the Cup coming to the Bay?
• What do you feel is the chance (as a percentage) of the Cup coming to the Bay, and why?

Please keep your responses brief and send them here. Also, please include whether or not you’ve ever sailed a multihull and your age — we will omit those from your response if you so desire. Thanks!

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They say cats have nine lives. But until we heard about the rebirth of the PDQ 32 cat Catalyst — which capsized and was subsequently abandoned off the North Coast July 7 — we thought that old adage applied only to felines, not to two-hulled sailboats.
The first photo in the sequence on The Triton’s website shows Capt. Henry’s boat riding in through Jupiter Inlet, as it had done many times.