A Humorous Physicist?

For the past several months, we’ve tucked a couple of flyers in the magazine before they got distributed about — and some attentive readers have discovered them. Most recently it was Karen Swezey, who lives aboard an Islander 36 in Brickyard Cove with her partner Michael Daley, and who we suspect is a humorous physicist. Why so? The name of their boat is Laughing Matter.

What makes a sunny day even sunnier? Cracking open your new issue of Latitude 38 and discovering you’ve won a free T-shirt.

© 2018 Karen Swezey

After we connected, Karen wrote to say, "Yes, I am lucky! I would love a lilac T-shirt please. I started sailing when I was eight years old on the Great South Bay. I grew up sailing our family’s Sunfish and later a Rhodes 19. 

"Thank you so much for the good fortune! I’m thrilled about my t-shirt."

The nice thing about learning to sail when you’re young? You get to do it for longer. How many who started sailing young on a Sunfish are still enjoying the sailing life today? We’d like to know.

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