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A Feeling About the Weather, Part 2

As we discussed on Wednesday, sailors’ relationship with the weather is as complex as any marriage. Add to that the notion of climate change, and couples therapy might be in order. 

One of our readers — a mechanical engineer by trade — said that even professional scientists are limited by the data available to properly examine climate change. "Studying weather on the scale that we do today is a new phenomenon that we have not much to compare to historically. The trouble is most of the data we can compare with is a mere eyeblink since even the last ice age, so we are comparing to nothing really. The last ice age ended arguably 12,000 years ago, so you are looking at .5% of the potential data."

After a lengthy but positive discussion with us, the reader took issue with the premise that "we all agree that there is something called ‘climate change’ going on. I am simply here to tell you deniers are not all fanatics, and there is an argument."  

We realize this discussion strays a bit from the sport of sailing, and can potentially lead down a rabbit hole. We will have the full back and forth in the July issue’s Letters. For now, we wanted to ask what you think — if you’re a climate change believer or denier, please let us know.

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