As smart as they are, migrating whales occasionally get disoriented and enter the Bay.
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Price Reduced for Immediate Sale ~ Wyliecat 30 © Bearmark Yachts Hull #7 of this innovative design, Margay is in great condition and ready to race or daysail anywhere.
This shot, which was uploaded from Dorade this morning, proves that at least part of her Atlantic crossing thus far has been wet and wild.
Sam’s Anchor Cafe in Tiburon is always a popular pit stop for boaters on summer weekends.
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Skippering the Open 60 Grey Power, the unstoppable Robin Knox-Johnston and crew were expected to be crowd favorites as they headed east from Newport today.  © 2015 onEdition If you’re into tracking offshore races from the comfort of your armchair, the Transatlantic Race — from Newport, RI, to Great Britain’s Lizard rock — should be high on your priority list. As reported here earlier, the first of three groups started Sunday, with Matt Brooks and Pam Levy’s Bay Area-based S&S yawl Dorade garnering much of the attention of spectators and journalists, as the immaculately refurbished 52-footer is attempting to repeat her dramatic 1931 elapsed-time fleet victory — when she beat many larger boats by a margin of two days.  Bay Area favorite Dorade left Newport Sunday under cloudy skies.  © Daniel Forster/NYYC Back then, Dorade‘s astounding victory had much to do with the course that skipper Olin Stephens chose along the 2,800-mile course, and the same may be true this year.
Has controversial Russian-born American sailor Rimas Meleshyus finally come to his senses? Ever since he crash-landed the first of his two San Juan 24s in the Aleutian Islands a few years ago, both friends and critics have been trying to talk him out of pursuing his dream of being the first to solo circumnavigate one of these tiny sloops, which were clearly not designed for open-ocean sailing.
A brief study of these boat-like ocean voyagers leads us to believe that Mother Nature must have a clear understanding of the effect of wind on sails.  © Lynn Ringseis On a recent visit to Stinson beach for a long, leisurely stroll on the sand, my captain and I encountered what appeared to be thousands of little rubbery toy sailboats.
Virgin Gorda would make a nice stop on the way to Antigua.  BVI Tourism
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC After nine years, the Wanderer’s Leopard 45 catamaran ‘ti Profligate is exiting her yacht management program in the British Virgin Islands on July 27.
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Click here to run a Weather Route now. © 2015 PredictWind
Given the location and the circumstance, it didn’t take much prodding to get fleet members to smile for this group photo, taken on the lawn of Club Bali Hai, in Cook’s Bay, Moorea.
Cruisers in La Cruz jury-rig their small craft with umbrellas and other cobbled-together ‘sails’ for a Summer Sailstice regatta.
Smokin’! L’Hydroptère sprints west in her attempt to break the outright L.A.-to-Honolulu record. LHydroptère/Scuttlebutt
©2015Latitude 38 Media, LLC One of the most prestigious passage records in the sport of sailing is being challenged this week: The 60-ft foiling trimaran L’Hydroptère sprinted west from San Pedro’s Point Fermin Monday in an attempt to break the 2,215-mile L.A.-to-Honolulu record, established in 2005 by Frenchman Olivier de Kersauson and crew aboard the 110-foot trimaran Geronimo, 04d, 19h, 31m, 37s.
Fujin snaps a selfie. Fujin
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC Two very successful West Coast racing sailors — Greg Slyngstad of Sammamish, WA, and Bill Gibbs of Ventura, have been experiencing different fates with their new, very fast all-carbon cruising cats.
Lending Club 2 prepares for a fun sail in San Francisco. © 2015 Ronnie Simpson With the America’s Cup packing up shop and moving to Bermuda, there’s been a distinct lack of big, fast multihulls sailing the Bay on a regular basis.
As of Monday, CalTrans had cleared the main channel of the old and new east spans of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge between piers G and H.
The reigning Rose Cup champs, Newport Beach-based locals, are defending their title in SoCal.
Rainmaker, still floating after five months in the nasty North Atlantic. We wonder how high she would float if someone got a couple of bilge pumps in her.
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© 2015 Summer Sailstice Join the global celebration:
Although Hurricane Carlos is causing havoc south of the border — and other storms may follow — by the time the hurricane season ends in the fall, hundreds of sailors will be heading south, as always, to enjoy Mexico’s sunny latitudes during the winter months.
Smoke on the water: In this painting by Michel Felice Corne (1752-1845), USS Constitution (left) and HMS Guerriere pound each other in the opening days of the War of 1812.
Depending on what source you refer to, current/former Hurricane Carlos, currently paralleling the coast of mainland Mexico about 100 miles off Lazaro Cardenas with 70 knots of wind, is: 1) Going to head further out to sea and pretty much be a non-issue; 2) Gather more steam and head toward Cabo Corrientes and threaten Banderas Bay; 3) Going to be less of an issue all the time right where she is.
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If you’ve ever thought that pilots aboard commercial vessels are too quick to toot their horns when pleasure craft cross their paths, the video below will help you understand their predicament.
Summer officially begins with next weekend’s summer solstice and, on San Francisco Bay and around the world, sailors will use the occasion to participate in the 15th annual Summer Sailstice.