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Exceptional 39′ Dragonfly 1200 For Sale on San Francisco Bay

Dragonfly 1200 Helms


Emma is arguably the highest-value trimaran ever built by Quorning Boats prior to the recent production of the sensational Dragonfly 40. Quorning literature described the DF 1200 as the Flagship of the Quorning Fleet and was offered to buyers with many high-value options tailored to buyer desires. Emma was the 15th version of the DF 1200, and had options that were not available for earlier produced boats. Emma’s original owner wisely selected special feature options that set her apart from all other existing DF 1200s, in terms of safety, efficiency, convenience, and initial value.

To learn more contact Gary Helms at 510-865-2511 or email [email protected] for spec sheets, photos, video and more information. 

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