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Archive for August 2015

International Canal Update

Much has changed since we snapped this photo of the Panama Canal’s new lane in March. In April the massive lock doors were installed, and the locks were flooded for testing in June.  More »

Getting Ready for the Ta-Ta and Ha-Ha

"What we really need for the SoCal Ta-Ta and the Baja Ha-Ha is our own island," the Grand PooBob/Grand Poobah was thinking to himself the other day. Fortunately, he was walking through the West Marine Super Store in San Diego at the time, and nearly ran into something called the Airhead Reef Island. More »

Pacific Passage Prep

While we’re still wrapping up our coverage of this July’s Transpac Race to Hawaii (be sure to read all about it in the next issue of Latitude 38, coming out on September 1), planning and prep for next July’s Pacific Cup is going full steam ahead, with 49 boats already entered. More »

Danny Threatens from the Atlantic

This National Hurricane Center graphic shows the possibilities of tropical storm-force winds in the next 120 hours.  National Hurricane Center
©2015Latitude 38 Media, LLC The Atlantic has gotten the first major hurricane of the season, in what has long been forecast to be a year with fewer than the normal number of hurricanes and major hurricanes. More »

Hot Times in the Delta Doo Dah

Delta water wars. latitude/Chris
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC As a heat wave built at the end of last week, a small band of Delta Doo Dah boats made their way to Stockton Sailing Club, some by way of Richmond and Pittsburg Yacht Clubs. More »

Finishers in Fastnet Driftfest

The year 2015 will be remembered as a slow one for the Rolex Fastnet Race, which started on Sunday afternoon in Cowes, UK, but the first finishers arrived in Plymouth last night and early this morning. More »

Slow Sailing in the Fastnet

A 356-boat Rolex Fastnet Race fleet heads out of the Solent, bound for the Fastnet Rock. © Kurt Arrigo / Rolex The Rolex Fastnet Race started from Cowes on the Isle of Wight yesterday afternoon. More »