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Archive for May 2015

Race to the Forbidden Island

The Havana Challenge, a 90-mile race for Hobie 16 beach cats, got the official okay in April. The two-person catamarans will cross to Cuba where the Americans will challenge the Cuban Olympic Sailing Team and the Cuban National Sailing Team, explore the long-forbidden Caribbean island, participate in a cultural exchange — and then race home to Key West. More »

New: Golden Gate Racing Challenge

With the America’s Cup situation in more chaos than ever, Tom Ehman, who is the vice commodore of Golden Gate Yacht Club and who has been part of the America’s Cup for, well, just about forever, is proposing something of an alternative to the America’s Cup. More »

Volvo Leaders Finish 3 Minutes Apart

Regardless of sea conditions, spray in the face is nearly constant aboard VO 65s. Here, Dongfeng Race Team is on its way to a first place finish at Newport.  © 2015 Sam Greenfield / Dongfeng Race Team / VOR Maintaining their previously unthinkable level of parity and competition, the Volvo Ocean Race’s fleet has just come storming into Newport, Rhode Island with the leaders again separated by just three minutes after 17 days of close and intense racing from Brazil. More »

Tahiti Transpac ’16 Seeks Entries

Tahiti calls. Having received several inquiries from interested boat owners, the Transpac YC hopes to run their long-established Tahiti Race again next June. As in years past, finishers will undoubtedly be greeted on the quay by dancers and musicians. More »

True But Misleading

If you ever wanted proof that a newspaper article can be mostly true, yet very misleading, you only need to visit this Daily Mail site. The article is about Latitude‘s old friend Liz Clark of the Santa Barbara-based Cal 40 Swell, whom we knew and wrote about before she took off on her cruise 10 years ago. More »

Already 31 Entries for the 22nd Baja Ha-Ha

More than 30 skippers have signed up for the 22nd annual Baja Ha-Ha since registration opened last Friday. The Ha-Ha is the 750-mile cruising rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, with stops at funky Turtle Bay and magnificently beautiful Bahia Santa Maria. More »

Half of Ta-Ta Slots Taken Already

Beautiful sailing conditions in last year’s SoCal Ta-Ta. latitude/Richard
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC Because of space limitations, there are only 50 slots available for SoCal Ta-Ta III, aka ‘Reggae ‘Pon Da Ocean’, the Baja Ha-Ha style cruising rally from Santa Barbara to Catalina with stops at Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands Harbor and Paradise Cove. More »

Delta Ironman Challenge

Racing up the San Joaquin River out of Isleton with ACYC. © 2015 Andreas Cove Yacht Club on the San Joaquin River is organizing a Delta Ironman Challenge. You don’t need to ride a bike, swim, or run — just sail five days in a row in five beer can races on May 13-17: Wednesday, 5/13: Vallejo Yacht Club’s beer can race. More »

Spectacular Kaiwo Maru Visits the Bay

The final days of Kaiwo Maru’s nearly 6,000-mile crossing from Japan saw punishing gales. Having arrived yesterday, the merchant marine training vessel will remain in San Francisco Bay until Wednesday.  Sea Training Institute
©2015Latitude 38 Media, LLC When is a sailing vessel considered to be a tall ship? More »