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[/* ----------------------- BEGIN DYNAMIC CONTENT AREA ------------------------------------------------------ */] [/* ***UNIQUE FOR THIS PAGE**** Specific variables for the crew list we are viewing */] [include: 'inc_vars_daysailing_crew.lasso'] [/* IF name or pagename = detail SHOW the CREW DETAIL page --------------------------------------- */] [if: ((var:'name') == 'detail') || ((var:'pagename') == 'detail') ]

Crew Available for [var: 'list_name_singlecap']

[/* captcha files */] [include: '/111captcha/inc_captcha_crewlist.lasso'] [/* find the crew member db call */] [include: '/crewlist/111crewinclude/inc_findcrew_detail.lasso'] [/* *** FOLLOW THIS INCLUDE TO SPECIFY LAYOUT **** the layout for the crew detail page */] [include: 'inc_crewdetail02.lasso']

Back to [var: 'list_name_cap'] list

[/* ELSE - they have flagged a listing and we SHOW them the flag screen ---------------------------- */] [else: (var:'name') == 'startflag']

Flag Listing

[include: '/crewlist/111crewinclude/inc_flagform.lasso']
--- OR ---
Back to [var: 'list_name_singlecap'] Crew Results

[/* ELSE - we are completing the flag process, we SHOW flag screen but with different text above and below it -------- */] [else: (var:'name') == 'completeflag']

Thank You

[include: '/crewlist/111crewinclude/inc_flagform.lasso']
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[/* ELSE - we dont have a page name at all - so SHOW CREW LIST the default screen -------- */] [else]

Crew Available for [var: 'list_name_singlecap']
(click name to view details)

[/* *** FOLLOW THIS INCLUDE TO SPECIFY LAYOUT **** Crew specific layout */] [include: 'inc_crewresults02.lasso'] [/* END the if / else search */] [/if] [/* ----------------------- END DYNAMIC CONTENT AREA ------------------------------------------------------ */]

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