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43 ft Aux/Sail - Cape North 43 Boat is currently in: Rio Dulce, Guatamala , in the Caribbean. Central America. I/we plan to sail to: Belize, Mexico, Cuba,  Florida, Bahamas, East Coast USA, Burmuda, Europe Contact +44 740 7329097. On or about: December 2022.
44 ft Steel Gaff-rigged Ketch Boat is currently in: LIAPARI,Gizo, Solomon Islands . I/we plan to sail to: South Pacific islands, French Polynesia, Tahiti, Hawaii.. On or about: May 2022.
40 ft Catamaran Boat is currently in: Grenada. I/we plan to sail to: USVIs. On or about: 12 November.
Capt Jeffry Matzdorf & DELIVERY SKIPPER
70 ft SANTA CRUZ 70 Boat is currently in: PUERTO VALLARTA END OF MARCH . I/we plan to sail to: SAN DIEGO END OF MARCH . On or about: March 22 ALL EXPENSES COVERED .

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