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Living Aboard In The Bay Area

A panel of new Bay Area liveaboards will share their experiences of living on a boat in the Bay Area. Many want to know the basics, boat costs, maintenance, pros and cons, weather and sailing. Come learn from a group who are making it work and enjoying living on the Bay.

Saturday, April 21, 2018
2:15 - 3:15 p.m.
Craneway Seminar Pavilion
Liveaboard Seminar
Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show
The Craneway Pavilion


Sonya David & Jack Patton
Jack and Sonya are a young couple living aboard their Passport 42 sailboat in Emeryville, California. They have lived aboard for more than 3 years now, as they prepare to sail the world. Immersing themselves completely in the marine industry and sailing world, they strive to be as self-sustainable as possible onboard by learning all the marine trades. Together they run their business, Spirit Marine Service, specializing in boat maintenance, captaining and deliveries, as well as general marine repairs/refits.

Audrey & Garrett
Audrey the traveler and Garrett the sailor are another two 20-something-year-olds, that are following their passions. They share their adventures with the world through their blog and youtube channel. During the seminar they will be discussing their most recent transition of moving out of their San Francisco apartment and onto a 35’ Rafiki, Thisldu, in Sausalito.



David MacGregor:
David McGregor has been sailing since he caught the bug on a family vacation at St. John at age 6. He made his first bluewater passage at 18. Since then he has earned his 100-ton masters license, worked as a charter captain, delivery captain and engineer. He is currently on his 3rd liveaboard, a Westsail 39 in Sausalito, which he plans to sail around the world sooner than later.  

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