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AkzoNobel introduces Micron® Extra SPC 

AkzoNobel Yacht Coatings continues to push the boundaries of innovation, with the launch of the most advanced antifouling from its Interlux brand yet – that delivers stand-out performance in both fresh and saltwater.

A unique, self-polishing copolymer antifouling, Micron® Extra SPC incorporates the latest SPC technology to ensure a consistent and sustained release of antifouling protection. 

Micron® Extra SPC
The new Micron® Extra SPC from Akzo Nobel
© 2021 Akzo Nobel

It opens up the premium levels of protection typically only found in the superyacht category to boat owners of all sizes through the introduction of true self-polishing technology to its cutting-edge formulation, making it perform exceptionally well in all waters.

Thanks to the SPC’s innovative properties, it also provides unprecedented peace of mind to boaters by delivering constant protection to hulls even when stationary.

While most other polishing paints only polish when the vessel is moving, the SPC’s continuous polishing action reacts with the water regardless if the boat is moving or at the dock, resulting in the coating only getting smoother over time, as well as minimizing the risk of fouling if the boat is stationary.

By minimizing drag, speed and fuel efficiency is improved, contributing to a lessening of the vessel’s environmental impact.

Matthew Anzardo, Global Yacht Segment Manager at AkzoNobel Yacht Coatings comments: “At AkzoNobel we’re restless in our commitment to developing products, systems and solutions that set the highest of standards.

“Setting the standard for innovation and protection for boaters worldwide for over 40 years since its launch in 1979, our Micron® range is rightfully renowned for its continued innovation and exceptional performance – and with Micron Extra SPC® we have raised the bar again.

“Through its enhanced, class-leading SPC technology it offers unmatched standards of antifouling in all waters, providing truly premium protection to all vessels – from the small boats to superyachts.

“It ensures that the hull is protected throughout the life of the coating regardless if the boat is moving or at the dock, giving boaters coast-to-coast the peace of mind to know their bottom is protected.

“Micron Extra SPC is compatible over most other antifoulings – making the switch to Micron Extra SPC more customer and applicator friendly. 

“This is a game-changing addition to the Micron® range, giving premium performance to boats of all sizes, in all waters.” 

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