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Sailagram: A Snapshot of February Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | March 2, 2022 |

Did you get out sailing in February? It has been an incredible spring for many sailors. This month’s Sailagram feed is full of photos submitted by our readers, the real sailors who make our community so amazing. Do you want to be included in next month’s Sailagram feed? Send your photos to [email protected]

Join Latitude 38 for our 14th annual Delta Doo Dah!

Delta Doo Dah Registration Now Open

The Delta Doo Dah is Latitude 38's Do-It-Yourself summertime Cruising Rally to the California Delta.

Magazine Features: June 2022

The Great Vallejo Race—Upwind Both Ways?

The Yacht Racing Association held the Great Vallejo Race as the first of their big weekend regattas.

Ryan Finn’s Solo Route d’Or

Ryan Finn, sailing solo aboard his 36-ft proa Jzerro, passed under the Golden Gate Bridge to finish an amazing adventure. Ryan sailed singlehanded from New York to San Francisco around Cape Horn on the 13,225-mile course called the 'Route d'Or', made famous by Gold Rush-era clipper ships.

Cruising Northern California and Beyond

Here at latitude 37.77°, we have a reputation that there aren't many places to cruise outside of the Bay. Well, yes and no. Compared with other parts of the country and world, there aren't a ton of places to cruise or harbor hop along the long, windswept coast of Northern California.

Max Ebb Does the Twist

I thought I was being a helpful crew, but I was sailing with one of those owners who insist on doing everything their way, right down to how the tail of the jib halyard had to be made up.

Racing Sheet

A pair of offshore extravaganzas opens the YRA's ocean season: the Lightship and the new Bluewater Bash. We return to San Francisco Bay for the SSS Singlehanded South Bay Race and StFYC's US Match Racing Qualifier.
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