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Sailagram: A Snapshot of February Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | March 2, 2022 |

Did you get out sailing in February? It has been an incredible spring for many sailors. This month’s Sailagram feed is full of photos submitted by our readers, the real sailors who make our community so amazing. Do you want to be included in next month’s Sailagram feed? Send your photos to [email protected].

Thunder, Lightning and Ferocious Wind
Saturday had ferocious winds of 50 mph. We had a long-distance around the north shore of Lake Tahoe, and halfway through the race, a thunderstorm brought some substantial southern breeze.
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Master Mariners Regatta Reels in Families

It's the first race of the season for most Bay Area wooden-boat owners, and once again this event pulled together sailing families.

Brotherly Love in the Pac Cup

"We're racing for pink slips," said Jim Partridge of the upcoming Pacific Cup, where he'll be sailing against his older brother, Cree. "Whoever wins gets the other guy's boat," Jim added, only half serious — we think.

Riding Magic Mountain — My First Offshore Sail, Rig Failure, and Fog

It was my first offshore sailing experience, having only sailed a handful of times in the warm, welcoming waters around Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Max Ebb: The Other Checklist

Here's my special, extra-secret checklist of things you need but that are not required, things that are hardly ever even mentioned at the prep seminars.

The Racing Sheet

CORW = Spinnaker Cup, Coastal Cup + SoCal 300. The Delta Ditch Run was not for beginners. The YRA runs the Duxship, Bluewater Bash and Full Crew Farallones. StFYC hosts a Match Racing Qualifier, the Elvstrom-Zellerbach, and a Sailing League inaugural regatta.

The World of Charter

This month we hear from Tom Luneau on chartering in Tampa Bay, FL — and how marine safety is what makes a fun night at sea, versus a nightmare at sea.
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