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How’s Your April Sailing Shaping Up?

By Monica Grant | April 21, 2021 |
April Sailing

George Scott and his crew entered their first OYRA race together aboard s/v ‘Freyja’, and they had a blast!

Magazine Features: January 2023

Season Champs Part II

For January's Part II of this three-part series, we launch with the YRA's 2023 season winners, and then pick up where we left off, visiting with local one-design fleets.

Sailing to 60º North

In the summer of 2022, we set sail on our voyage of more than 5,000 nautical miles across the North Pacific on our Hallberg-Rassy 38 named Rägeboge. Our journey took us to Hawaii, Kodiak, the Gulf of Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula.

Moore 24 Memories

In the early 1970s, Moore Sailboats was busy building 5O5s for the run-up to the 1971 Santa Cruz Worlds. There was no paved dry storage at Santa Cruz Yacht Club, and the weight limit on the club hoist was 2,000 pounds. 

Singlehanded Puddle Jump

In June and July last year, 69-year-old Ben Lindner became the latest singlehander to sail the Pacific Puddle Jump, aboard one of its smallest boats, his Oregon-based Pacific Seacraft 27 Orion, Dawn.

Max Ebb: A Hard Day’s Off-Watch

I was almost asleep in the starboard pilot berth when I felt the boat tack, putting me on the high side of the cabin. This was not good. I had been comfortably wedged between the outboard edge of the berth and the side of the hull, but now I rolled over to port as the sails filled on the new tack and the boat heeled over to port.

Racing Sheet

Yacht racing slowed down a bit in late November and in December. No shocker there. But here we visit the scenic and silly Half Pint-o-Rum Regatta, midwinter series at Golden Gate YC, Sausalito YC and Berkeley YC, RegattaPRO Winter One Design, and Alamitos Bay YC's Turkey Day Regatta.
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