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Warning: Do Not Open Before Tomorrow

We’re getting ahead on a news flash that we know is due tomorrow, but as we don’t publish on Thursdays, we decided to post it today. But … it comes with a warning: “Do not read this post before tomorrow.” 

Chris Boome sent us a copy of this email that was sent to El Toro sailors who are planning to have their Nationals at Half Moon Bay at the end of July.

Hi Everybody,

I just heard from the HMBYC Race Chair, Joe Rockmore, and they are hoping to get the ship out of the harbor before the Nationals, but you might want to check to make sure.


cc: Joe Rockmore (hey, wouldn’t that be an awesome name for a dinghy sailor!!!)

Fingers crossed the harbor is cleared in time!
© 2021 Chris Boome

It’s already April 1 somewhere!


  1. Sylvia 3 years ago

    Yes it is 1 April in New Zealand. So I read it!

    • John Arndt 3 years ago

      Hey Sylvia – what are you doing in New Zealand?

  2. Vikas 3 years ago

    great photoshop 🙂 .. have flown to that airport many times.. lovely locale

  3. John Arndt 3 years ago

    Chris Boome sent in this photo to confirm the ship has been dislodged from Half Moon Bay:

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