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Your nameNick Ockenfels
Your Age45
Attach a photo of yourself or your boat
I/We Want To Cruise:
  • SF Bay Area/Delta
  • Santa Barbara/Oxnard/Channel Islands
  • Marina del Rey
  • San Diego
  • Central/South America/Panama Canal*
  • Hawaii
  • Caribbean
  • Mediterranean
  • Anywhere warm
I/We Can Offer:
  • At least one month of shared expenses
  • Mechanical skills: Engine, Electronics, Other systems
  • Elbow grease for bottom work, varnishing and upkeep
  • Cooking, provisioning, cleaning
  • Easy-going personality
  • Other skill(s)
Other skill(s)IT savvy
My / Our Experience Is:Little or none
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Springing Forward
Yes, it's still raining, and yes, the snow is still falling, but eventually, the weather will catch up with the season and we'll start to see more sunny days and higher temperatures (we hope).