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Your nameBruno-Pierre Couture
Your Age34
Companion NameAurélie Bailon-Poujol
Companion Age35
Gender(s)Male & Female
I/WE want to co-charter for4
in theWinter
of the year2022
I/We Want To Co-Charter In:
  • Southern California
  • Mexico
  • Hawaii
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Caribbean
  • Other
OtherPacific, Atlantic, Antarctica
My / Our Experience Is:
  • Little or none
  • Moderate. I sail regularly and have chartered before
  • I'd like co-charterer to skipper and give me direction
  • Prefer co-charterer of at least equal proficiency
I/We Prefer to Co-Charter:
  • Bareboats (we sail)
  • With other couples
  • With other singles
  • A smaller (30 to 40-ft) boat with 1-2 others
  • A medium (40 to 50-ft) boat with 4-6 others
  • A large (60-ft or more) boat, the more the merrier
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Springing Forward
Yes, it's still raining, and yes, the snow is still falling, but eventually, the weather will catch up with the season and we'll start to see more sunny days and higher temperatures (we hope).