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Your nameBruno-Pierre Couture
Your Age34
Companion NameAurélie Bailon-Poujol
Companion Age35
Gender(s)Male & Female
I/WE want to co-charter for4
in theWinter
of the year2022
I/We Want To Co-Charter In:
  • Southern California
  • Mexico
  • Hawaii
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Caribbean
  • Other
OtherPacific, Atlantic, Antarctica
My / Our Experience Is:
  • Little or none
  • Moderate. I sail regularly and have chartered before
  • I'd like co-charterer to skipper and give me direction
  • Prefer co-charterer of at least equal proficiency
I/We Prefer to Co-Charter:
  • Bareboats (we sail)
  • With other couples
  • With other singles
  • A smaller (30 to 40-ft) boat with 1-2 others
  • A medium (40 to 50-ft) boat with 4-6 others
  • A large (60-ft or more) boat, the more the merrier
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