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This Bud’s for You

Having a ‘Bud’ on Friday is a common American ritual, but this Bud was poised to pack a different punch. As hurricane season ‘officially’ opens on June 1, we start keeping a weather eye out for indications of what’s ahead. On Thursday, Cabo San Lucas and the Baja peninsula looked set for a bullseye as Tropical Storm Bud was headed right for them.

It didn’t have a strong wind forecast, but whenever you have bright colors with a white bullet in the middle, boat owners and marina operators get nervous.

© 2018 NOAA

We spoke to both Marina Cabo San Lucas and Marina de La Paz to see how they fared and, as often happens, the online graphics were the most worrisome part of the non-event. There was rain, some wind and some power outages, but apparently no real damage along the waterfront. 

Neil Shroyer said, "It was a good fire drill. We always prepare for the worst and hope for the best and this time we got the best. Typically these early-season storms peel off to the west and they tend to head north toward us later in the season but this one ignored history and chose the late-season path."

For both marinas and boat owners, it’s probably good to have a warning shot like Bud come by to remind you to drop your furling headsails, lower dodgers, and be ready with other storm preparations. But in the end, you can only prepare so much. The hurricane season will make up its own mind.

By Friday it was OK to relax with a Bud again. Tropical Storm Bud petered out and became just another watered-down event.

© 2018 NOAA

The tension that made landfall as purple took over weather maps is gone, for now. We’re ready to relax with Friday night beer can racing, a Bud, or your local craft brew.

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