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The La Gamelle Olson 30 Quest Continues

The La Gamelle Syndicate members would like to thank everyone for their help in our search for a very basic, ‘big bang for the buck’, Olson 30 for Zen cruising. We’ve gotten responses or been directed to leads in Sag Harbor, Sarasota, Dallas, Seattle, Redondo Beach, Santa Cruz, Alameda, Sausalito, Pt. Richmond, Benicia and we can’t remember where else. While we’re still following up on some of them, we haven’t yet found what we’re looking for. In several cases the boats were all primed for top-flight racing, while we’re looking for a simple cruising version. In several other cases, the boats were either halfway through a restoration or, if we may speak frankly, looked as though they hadn’t been cleaned in years. Neither was attractive to us.

But as we said, we’re still following some leads and mulling over some others. So if you can think of another Olson 30 for sale, we’d love to hear from you.

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As seven Danish sailors — Jan and Birgit Marie Johansen and their three teenage children Naja, Hjalte, and Rune, along with two unnamed crewmembers — were being transferred yesterday from their Dynamic 43 Ing to a larger ship loaded with others kidnapped by Somali pirates, a couple on the Dutch-flagged yacht Capricorn were saved from a similar fate by a private Dutch security firm.
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