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Tenacatita Support Picnic

We received the following note from Dobie Dolphin about beleagured Tenacatita Bay, the four-mile by four-mile bay on mainland Mexico’s Gold Coast between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, and just north of Barra Navidad:

"As many of you know, on August 4, villagers, land owners, and tourists were forcibly evicted from their restaurants, homes, and palapas on Tenacatita Beach by a wealthy land developer, with the help of the governor of the state of Jalisco. Since then, security forces have been illegally blocking the federal highway that leads to Tenacatita. We’ve been told the beach will open before December 25.

"I’m writing to invite anyone in the area to a peaceful picnic at Tenacatita this December 27 starting from the town of El Rebalsito at 9 a.m. We’re asking people to wear red, white or green, and to carry a Mexican flag (if possible). We’ll be on the part of the beach owned by the federal government — 20 meters from the high tide line — where Mexicans and tourists are given the right to free access. Foreigners who are a little apprehensive can show support by anchoring their boats in the bay. If you’ve enjoyed jungle rides through the mangroves, snorkeling in ‘the aquarium’, eating delicious seafood, and the friendliness and hospitality of the people of El Rebalsito and Tenacatita, please come show your support.

"For the safety of all involved, no alcoholic beverages will be permitted. For more information, write to Dobie."

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