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Episode #18: Lin Pardey on Staying Simple and Just Getting Out There

Welcome back to Latitude 38’s podcast, Good Jibes! In this podcast, we’re bringing you the world of sailing through the eyes of the West Coast Sailor. Each week, you’ll hear stories and tips from the West Coast sailing community on cruising, racing and just plain sailing. Cast off, laugh and learn, and become a better sailor. Hosted by John Arndt, Nicki Bennett, Ryan Foland, and the team at Latitude 38 – the sailing magazine for West Coast sailors since 1977!

This week’s host, Nicki Bennett, is joined by Lin Pardey to chat about her legendary life of sailing, giving back, and adventure. Lin has sailed over 200,000 nautical miles, completed two circumnavigations, and has had many more adventures of a lifetime with her late husband Larry Pardey.

Lin and Nicki Interview
Nicki Bennett sits down with Lin Pardey to discuss a lifetime of sailing and adventure.
© 2021 Nicki
© Will Calver
© 2021 Will Calver

Hear how to modify your boat to suit your needs, build confidence as a sailor, what size boat to get, being a pioneer in tiny living, and everything from living in the Kalahari to attending a rodeo in Vanuatu.

 This episode covers everything from how Lin met Larry to her biggest sailing thrills.

Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • Where did Lin & Larry’s philosophy of “just do it” come from?
  • What’s the difference in sailing on a boat you built yourself?
  • How do you build confidence as a woman sailor?
  • Can you wait to outfit your boat with accessories?
  • How did Lin & Larry become pioneers in tiny living?
  • Why is sailing great for any age?
  • How do you cultivate community as a sailor?
  • Tack or Jibe: What is on Lin’s bucket list as a destination?

Read an early Lin & Larry Pardey story in the April 1980 issue of Latitude 38.

Visit Lin’s website:

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Lin Pardey

Check out the episode and show notes below for much more detail.


Show Notes

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