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Episode #128: Marie Rogers on the DEI Gap in Sailing

This week’s host John Arndt is joined by award-winning sailor Marie Rogers to chat about diversity in sailing. Marie is a US Sailing Board Member, the Staff Commodore of the Los Angeles Yacht Club (LAYC), and the Founder of her nonprofit, Offshore Racing Outreach (ORO).

Hear how she learned to sail as an adult, what changed the trajectory of her sailing career, when she realized the lack of diversity in the sport, her mission to introduce sailing to people from all backgrounds, and her best advice for fellow sailors.


This episode covers everything from diversity to sailing school. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear:

  • How did Marie overcome standing on the sidelines as a parent?
  • What is Offshore Racing Outreach?
  • How do we empower more women to sail?
  • What’s next for Marie’s boat?
  • How do we inspire people from diverse backgrounds to sail?
  • Port vs. Starboard
  • How has Marie’s experience been at U.S. Sailing?
  • Short Tacks: What’s her longest voyage?

Learn more at and read more about Marie at

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Ep #128
Hear Marie’s thoughts on inspiring people from diverse backgrounds to sail.
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Check out the episode and show notes below for much more detail.

Show Notes