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Navy Trimaran USS ‘Oakland,’ ‘Sailing’ into San Francisco Bay

If you’re a Navy vet and know your naval history, you may know the third US Navy ship to be named for the city of Oakland will be sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge at 7 a.m. this coming Wednesday, April 14. She’s arriving for her commissioning ceremony, to be held at Pier 22 in Oakland.

The commissioning will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday the 17th, but reduced to a small affair due to the pandemic. It will be viewable via live streaming here. Each commissioning has a sponsor who, for the USS Oakland, is Kate Brandt, the federal government’s first sustainability officer and now worldwide head of sustainability for Google. Interestingly, Kate grew up in Muir Beach, CA.

USS 'Oakland'
The most recent USS Oakland will be ‘sailing’ under the Golden Gate Bridge at 7 a.m. on Wednesday.
© 2021 US Navy

“We are honored to host Ms. Brandt as the ship’s sponsor,” said Austal USA president Craig Perciavalle. “Her time spent serving our country through her work for the government, specifically the Navy, and her dedication to green initiatives protecting the environment make her a clear choice as the sponsor of Oakland.”

While not quite as fast as the 60-ft foiling trimaran L’Hydroptere, this 471-ft-long and 104-ft-wide trimaran is capable of speeds of 40 knots.


  1. Chuck Cunningham 3 years ago

    Totally Cool Vessel!
    Will be watching the commissioning.
    USS Oakland – Many ships built here over the years. Kaiser Steel and Mare Island.

  2. Martin Thomas 3 years ago

    Ha Ha 40Kts. That’s with the engines idling. The Queen Elizabeth was said to do 45 knots When running unescorted as a trans-Atalantic troop ship. Officially the speed was not announced until after WW2 to keep the German’s guessing. And even then then it was asserted to be 32 knots. But even in WW1 the fastest French coal fired destroyers were said to acheive nearly 45 knots.

  3. James Cope 3 years ago

    471′ feet long … and top speed of
    40 knots ! ?
    I’m very impressed. Go Navy !!
    Go USS Oakland !!! ??

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