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Let’s Hope This Bud’s Not for You…or Us

Though Hurricane Bud, the first of the Eastern Pacific (Mexico) region, has weakened as it nears shore, it’s still blowing at 100 knots and should make landfall tonight between Manzanillo and Banderas Bay (Puerto Vallarta). Hurricane warnings are in effect as far north as Cabo Corrientes, at the southern end of Banderas Bay, and tropical storm warnings are in effect as far north as San Blas. Bud seems to have a little more fight in him than originally forecast, but he’s expected to diminish quickly once he hits land. The owners of the many boats — including Profligate — in Banderas Bay need to take precautions in case Bud decides to change directions, as hurricanes often like to do.

Hurricane Bud’s current forecast.


By the way, with it being time to start bringing Profligate back to California, we managed to snag an Alaska Airlines flight for just $160 for Sunday. All we hav to do is make it through the throngs on the Golden Gate Bridge for the 75th anniversary celebrations, and hope that Bud, which is expected to drop 12 inches of rain, doesn’t drown Puerto Vallarta Airport.

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