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Is it Really a Baja Bash?

Is it really a Baja Bash if you don’t get 25 knots of breeze on the nose and freeze the entire 750 miles from Cabo San Lucas to San Diego?

We know of two boats doing the Baja Bash right now. First is Patsy Verhoeven on her La Paz-based Gulfstar 50, Talion. (The first boat to sign up for this Fall’s Baja Ha-Ha and with an all-women crew.)

Patsy, AKA La Reina del Mar, and her crew departed Cabo San Lucas on Saturday night about midnight. They are currently in Turtle Bay hoping to buy some fuel. But, they’ve had nothing but light air and flat seas.

The second boat is Profligate with the Wanderer and Dona De Mallorca. After total engine control failure they left Cabo San Lucas on Monday afternoon. Instead of strong headwinds and chilly temperatures at Cabo Falso, they had an 18-kt southerly courtesy of Tropical Storm Douglas and it was 92 degrees.

The temps remain tropically warm for the next 36 hours. Commander’s Weather is calling for no more than 12 knots at Cedros Island. If the good weather continues Profligate could complete the Bash in 3.5 days making it the fastest Bash of her 18 Bashes to date. But it wouldn’t really be fair to call it a Bash would it?

We’d like to hear about your best and worst bashes — send us an email.

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