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French Polynesia Considering Conditional Entry for Tourists

Kevin Ellis, from Yacht Services Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia, wrote to us about current discussions regarding the country’s plan to open its borders to tourists, under the condition of COVID vaccinations.

Kevin wrote, “The president of French Polynesia has just returned from France where he was seeking support for opening the borders of French Polynesia. Beginning in the month of May, the borders will begin to open for those coming from other countries for tourism, who can show proof of Coronavirus vaccinations.

“How this news will affect the cruising or the cruise ship communities is not yet clear as the announcement was just made today.

“We hope to have news in the coming weeks of how the maritime authorities in French Polynesia will change their policies based on the opening of tourism. We will do our best to keep you all informed as we learn more over the weeks to come.

“Fair winds and calms seas.”

French Polynesia
Wouldn’t it be nice to see this view from your boat deck this year? Making landfall in the idyllic isles of French Polynesia is often a highlight of any sailor’s career. Seen here is Seattle-based Pico on approach to Moorea during the 2014 Pacific Puddle Jump.
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Jan Alexander from [email protected] added to Kevin’s email, saying, “When reading the original French news articles about today’s press conference by the President of French Polynesia, it’s worth noting that both news outlets I was able to see used the conditional verb forms to refer to opening the borders on May 1. That is, one article said Macron “would be” in favor of opening and the other reported that Fritch said the borders “should” open. So while it is likely, it is not 100% confirmed that May 1 will be the day.”

As this decision will affect Puddle Jumpers, we’ll let you know if we hear anything more on this topic in the coming weeks.

You’ll know you’ve arrived in French Polynesia when locals wearing flower garlands paddle out to welcome you.
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