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December Latitude, Hot Off the Press

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After an unseasonably warm Sunday, the cold bite of winter was definitely in the air early this morning. It was the kind of morning that made you want to do an about-face, crank up the heater, and jump back in bed with some engaging reading material — if not a special friend. 

Sadly, Latitude 38 does not offer hand delivery to homes (or boats), but this morning the latest edition of the magazine is being distributed to marinas, boatyards and marine retailers all over the greater Bay Area. By midweek they’ll also be available in Southern California, and you should find them in the Pacific Northwest by the weekend. (We do, of course, also still offer subscriptions, which naturally take a bit longer.)

During the Baja Ha-Ha the French-Canadian owners of 40-ft X YachtGravlaX had to dial back their normal passion for racing. But by doing so, they realized all the fun sailors can have in chilled-out, cruiser mode.

©2013 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Inside you’ll find our usual eclectic mix of sailing news from the Bay Area, elsewhere along the West Coast, and beyond. Among other things, you’ll find the 2014 sailing resolutions of Latitude staffers, our recap of the 20th annual Baja Ha-Ha cruisers’ rally, cruising tips from successful circumnavigators, part two of our Season Champs profiles, boatloads of racing news (including lots of silly snapshots from the Great Pumpkin Regatta), worldwide chartering tips, and cruiser reports from around the globe.

As you’ll see in this month’s racing coverage, the Great Pumpkin Regatta provided lots of fun on out on the course, and plenty of silly celebrating afterward.

©2013 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

As you read this, it’s probably too late to climb back in bed and snuggle up with your December Latitude, but there’ always tonight. If you’re reading this from beyond the horizon, remember that you can always read each new edition online, or download the whole magazine as an eBook. Happy reading, and happy holidays.

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