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Can Cargo Once Again Cross the Oceans Under Sail?

Humans are creative, and sailors are amongst the most creative humans on the planet. The sailing world is filled with inveterate tinkerers, and it continues to include those sailors who want to incorporate sailing technology to help the world reverse the course of climate change.

Below are two ships under development to help change the course of the shipping industry. The first design shown below already has cargo commitments from Michelin, which has agreed to ship tires aboard these ships currently under development by Neoline of France. Increasingly, companies like Michelin are making serious commitments to eliminate their carbon footprint, and other companies are stepping in to help. To read more go to GCaptain here.

industry will use sail power to transport
The sail-powered cargo ships being developed by French shipping line Neoline.
© 2021 Neoline

The British company, Windship Technology, has introduced the triple-wing design below to help eliminate CO2 emissions from the shipping industry. We know shipping won’t stop, but emissions can, over time, be dramatically reduced. You can read more about the Windship Technology project at Ocean Economy News.

Windship Technology
Another way to approach the challenge is being developed by Windship Technology.
© 2021 Windship Technology

Sailing has always been a low-carbon way to live, and is ultimately an activity that focuses people on working with nature rather than against it. These new designs both look like interesting steps in the right direction.


  1. barry spanier 3 years ago

    check out written 40 years ago, included a bill before congress sponsored by Spark Matsunaga, our Senator from Hawaii.
    good things take time apparently.
    maybe BALEEN is next?

  2. Tim Boykett 3 years ago

    Barry, it looks like a good read!

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