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Carbon Is the New Black

Jeff Canepa wrote us about another Northern California boat under construction. “On the windward shore of the Big Island [meaning California], a stone’s throw from the cool Monterey Bay trades, unfolds the all-new Antrim 27 ‘C’. Number 28 (27 were built by USI) is now under construction by builder Joe Kitchell.”

Antrim 27
Tucked in a shed near Watsonville, this thoroughbred aims to be ready for next year’s Pacific Cup.
© 2019 Jeff Canepa

“Once again the ‘Wizard of El Sobrante’, naval architect Jim Antrim, has partnered with Bay Area sailor Buzz Blackett to build a downwind flyer for the 2020 Pacific Cup.”

Antrim 27
Builder Joe Kitchell tapes an interior part in place.
© 2019 Jeff Canepa

The term ‘ultralight’ was coined on the California coast before carbon was even part of the boatbuilding scene. Now carbon is in all fast, wave-skipping hulls. It’s making California ultralights even lighter.

We’ll post an update when the Antrim 27 C is closer to launch, and also possibly an Antrim 25 C. In the meantime, send us a note if you have a project in a shed somewhere.

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