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Body Found in Tiger Shark

In a scene straight out of the movies, an investment banker made a grisly discovery on September 4 while fishing in the Bahamas. As he was landing a 12-ft tiger shark, the banker noticed something sticking out of the shark’s mouth — a human leg! Authorities ashore cut the big fish open to find the right leg, two severed arms and a torso from a human. Finger printing later identified the victim as Judson Newton, 43.

Tiger sharks come in behind Great Whites for the number of attacks on humans.

© Captain Nemo

According to official reports, Newton had been boating with four friends on August 29 when the engine on their 20-ft powerboat conked out — ironically, just off Jaws Beach on New Providence Island. (Scenes from one of the Jaws films were shot there.) Newton and another friend decided to swim for shore but were never seen again. The three others were later rescued. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, authorities say Newton likely drowned before the shark found him. We sure hope so.

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If the weekend’s forecast of patchy fog, drizzle, and light winds aren’t tempting you out onto the water to watch (if you can see that far through the fog) the Big Boat Series or to join the Singlehanded Sailing Society’s Richmond/South Beach Race, you have options.
Thanks to all the uninformed hysteria about narco violence south of the border — which does exist, just not where most Americans and most cruisers go — some southbound cruisers have lingering concerns about Mexico.