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Baja Ha-Ha XXIX Sailors Kiss Their Way to Eternity

The 2023 Baja Ha-Ha fleet may have reached its destination, but not before a long stop in eternity with the annual From Here to Eternity Kissing Contest in Cabo. This fun contest usually draws fierce competition, with partners lining up on the sand for their turn to roll in the surf and get wet and sweaty, and of course, pick up tons of sand in the “in-betweens.”

Over the years we’ve shared many photos of the Ha-Ha sailors in action. It looks like fun!

Kissing in the surf
While some get it right, others look as if they’re in danger of drowning. To our knowledge, all contestants have survived.
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This year, we’ve got hold of some bonus footage of the action, as it unfolded!

Sally-Christine Rodgers and her husband Randy Repass (West Marine founder) participated in this year’s Baja Ha-Ha aboard their Wylie 65 Convergence. And while we don’t have video of the couple taking a roll in the surf, we do have a video of their son Kent-Harris and his partner Emily Brouwer giving a great performance in an effort to take home this year’s first place.

We think they did a great job. Want to see what they were up against?

Here’s a sample of the competition that we found on the 2023 Baja Ha-Ha Facebook group. Video credit goes to Jay Prince.

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  1. LeeAnne Clark 3 weeks ago

    HA! That’s my husband and me in that first pic, top left, after the 2013 HaHa! So fun to see that pic again. We are both a little grayer these days, but we still love kissing in the surf. Thanks for the memories!

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