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More than just a dealership, Sail Tahiti is a full-service firm, keeping your boat ready for your island cruise. More information here.
Picking Up the Pieces
In the aftermath of the fire that swept through Maui's coastal town Lahaina, many boat owners are trying to rebuild, including those whose vessels once served the local communities.
West Coast Boating Facilities
A few weeks ago, 'Latitude 38' received a letter expressing concern about Santa Barbara's plan to reduce or completely close part of the city's free anchorages along its beachfront over concern for underwater infrastructure.
Stand and be recognized
Calling all racers. It's time to submit your entries for the 2023 Wosser Trophies. Whether you've won a single race or not, these are still within your grasp. 
Galloping South
Migrating south is a fall tradition for many species, including sailors. As they head south they see new stars and cross many climate features recorded and named by history's navigators.
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Hydrovane is your best crew member: an independent self-steering windvane and emergency rudder/steering system … ready to go!
A Question for the Nation
Reading about 'Lucky Dog's dilemma in the October issue brought up the core reason why she was almost abandoned in the first place: the loss of her spade rudder.
California's Sunshine Coast
San Diego sailors have it good. After Monday's magnificent start to the Baja Ha-Ha we took a tour through the San Diego sailing community.