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Archive for October 2013

Road Trip to La Paz

As many cruisers know, the logistics of getting supplies from California south to say, La Paz, by road can be challenging. It’s a long trip, you’ll need food and lodging, and you should also be aware of Mexico’s current weather and road conditions. More »

Tanit Pirates Sentenced

Last Friday, three of five Somali pirates who seized the French yacht Tanit in 2009 were sentenced in a French court to nine years in prison. The pirates boarded the 47-ft Colin Archer design — which was carrying two couples and a three-year-old boy — on April 4, about 500 miles off the Somali coast. More »

USA-71 to Be Recycled

Oracle’s America’s Cup yachts have proven that high-tech carbon fiber materials are incredibly strong and lightweight. But recycling them at the end of a yacht’s lifespan is another story. Similarly, Boeing has made huge technological gains using these composite materials to build their new 787 Dreamliner. More »

Keel Laid for New SF Bay Tallship

Longtime ‘schoonerman’ Alan Olson and his wife Angie Lackey are turning their grand idea into reality. Construction of their Educational Tall Ship has officially begun. latitude/LaDonna
©2013 Latitude 38 Media, LLCDuring the past two years, Sausalito’s Educational Tall Ship project has grown from a mere pipe dream to a viable shipbuilding endeavor with well over $1 million of backing. More »

Sacto Boat Thieves Caught

While suburbanites fear homeless folks might steal their property, homeless-on-homeless crime is far more prevalent. Case in point, on Sunday, two apparently homeless men stole the Columbia 28 that Robert Mayse called home.  More »

Mexican Immigration Looks Good for Ha-Ha

In 10 days the 164-boat Baja Ha-Ha rally fleet will be scudding south toward Cabo – where fleet members will exchange online immigration receipts for actual visas. latitude/Andy
© Latitude 38 Media, LLCOfficials at the highest level of Mexican Immigration and Tourism in Mexico City assured the Baja Ha-Ha rally’s Grand Poobah, via a Skype video conference, that all will be well with immigration for the Ha-Ha fleet. More »

In Search of C:Drive

The Coast Guard is asking for your help locating Honolulu sailor Greg Stephanoff, 60, who was last seen leaving the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor the evening of October 3 aboard his Catalina 42 C:Drive. More »

Fishy Goings-On at Catalina

It looks like someone had maybe just a little too much fun at Buccaneer Days earlier this month and didn’t want the party to end. The well-costumed reveler was found passed out on a Catalina Island beach this weekend, so comatose from the previous weekend’s merrymaking that more than a dozen friends had to help cart him off to the hospital. More »

New Hope in Nina Disappearance

Close scrutiny of recent satellite imagery has sparked new hope that the long-missing American schooner Niña may yet be found, and that her seven crew may still be alive.  According to family and experts, this ship-shaped image is the same size as Niña but Kiwi authorities won’t go searching until they have higher resolution images that the American government won’t release. More »