September 1, 2011

SPECIAL EDITION: Windjammers Cancelled

We bring you this webcam snapshot of the Santa Cruz Harbor Beach not to show you the size of the waves, rather to show that the harbor’s webcams desperately need cleaning!

© 2011 Santa Cruz Harbor

The crews on the 28 boats signed up for tomorrow’s Windjammers Race from the Bay to Santa Cruz will have to find something else to do with their racing time this weekend. According to a statement on the race’s website, the race has been cancelled for the first time since the ’40s due to surge that’s been damaging the docks already weakened by March’s tsunami.

"The surges are the result of a storm down in Antarctica that is sending large swells in our direction," the statement from PRO Bob Simpkins reads. "These swells, which are projected to increase over the next two days, are causing hazardous conditions at the harbor mouth . . . Please be assured that your entry fee will be refunded."

We were unable to confirm, but it would seem that the surge, and the head-high waves that are reportedly breaking across the Santa Cruz harbor entrance, are the result of the same storm that saw a tow-in surfing session break out in the middle of the ASP’s Billabong Pro Tahiti in Teahupoo when it got too big to paddle in. Although we’re nearly 100% sure the cancellation of the Windjammers is on account of safety, it should be noted that quite a few Santa Cruz sailors also surf a lot, too!

“Hey, where are all the other boats?!” © Goose Gossman While others spent last weekend doing something other than sailing, Goose Gossman and the members of the perpetually-sailing Potter Yachter group enjoyed beautiful sailing conditions in Carquinez Strait.
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